Why WordPress Is the Best Blogging Platform

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When it comes to blogging, there are many platforms available and which you will need to consider depending with your goals. Options such as WordPress, Tumblr, and BlogSpot among others are always available but you should consider both the pros and cons of each of these platforms to help make you a choice.

With all these options available, there is no doubt that WordPress remains one of the most popular blogging platforms with many people actually moving from SBI to WordPress and others choosing the platform right from scratch. However, the question that is likely to arise is why one should opt for WordPress for blogging and not other options available. Here are some of these reasons: –

WordPress has no limitations

Unlike platforms such as BlogSpot, WordPress does not come with any limitations as to where you can host your site or the changes you can make to your site. On the contrary, BlogSpot blogging platform which is owned by Google actually throws a number of limitations and you cannot make any advance changes to your blog. In fact, BlogSpot blogs can be deleted anytime by Google since it’s not self-hosted.

Offers a wide range of free themes

Great content alone does not make great blogging. You need to make your blog appealing and WordPress offers the best free themes which you can use to enhance your websites’ appeal and these can be changed freely to capture your inspiration and the attention of your target audience. You can also find easily customizable and premium themes to help make your blog design even more appealing. The themes also search engine optimized and this takes away your worry about your blog post optimization.

Easy to customize plugins

Another factor that makes WordPress suitable for blogging is that you get over 40,000 plugins for free. These plugins work like apps thus making it possible for you to add new features to your WordPress blog without any hassles. This helps enhance your blogging experience while giving you more visibility across the world.

Better site ranking

For developers looking for static websites, WordPress is definitely the best option to consider. This is in addition to the fact that it is updated periodically which guarantees improved results in different aspects. Using WordPress to create static website also offers great SEO benefits while at the same time helping your site to getter better ranking from search engines. When it comes to blogging, visibility is important and this can only happen if your blogging platform has a good ranking.

Easy to manage

Switching from static HTML sites to WordPress has a huge impact on search engine ranking especially due to the many useful plugins which are helpful when it comes to on-page search engine optimization. On the other hand, the WP dashboard is easy to manage even for people with little technical know-how and this makes it a favorite for any blogger seeking for inexpensive website management and updating process. In fact, WordPress makes it very easy to integrate the social media into the website using plugins which in return powers the site to greater SEO success.

There are many other reasons why WordPress is best for blogging and this has seen many people switch from SBI to WordPress over the past few years. However, it will be worth to note that WP alone cannot guarantee your blogging success if you do not have rich and quality content. If you are looking for self-hosted blog WordPress should come top of your list of options since it’s a resourceful, reliable, and easy to use blogging platform that has great possibilities of success.

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